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Support Long Living Pets Rescue and Rehab Center.


To help fund and operate the rescue and rehab center I created an online Gift Shop for Pets and Pack leaders. 80% of the profits go to fund Long Living Pets Rescue and Rehab Center. 

Since holding an inventory takes capital I opted for a drop shipping business model. This way I can offer more products at a lower price. This causes a little longer shipping time for some products. (not the supplements, they ship same day or the following business day).

I hope you find something you can use. I guarantee all items with a full money back guarantee. For those that know me, they know my word is good. I only want happy customers. I do realize we don't always love everything we buy. 

Thank you in advance for supporting Long Living Pets Rescue and Rehab Center and help this center become a reality. 


Thomas Sandberg



World's Best Dog Mom bangle

$ 39.95 $ 54.95

World's Best dog Mom Bangle

$ 39.95 $ 54.95

Dog Dad Ring

$ 59.95 $ 74.95

Dog Dad Necklace

$ 39.95 $ 54.95

Dog Mom Heart Pendant

$ 39.95 $ 54.95

Dog Mom Bangle

$ 39.95 $ 49.95

Dog Mom Pedant

$ 39.95 $ 54.95

Dog Mom Ring.

$ 59.95 $ 74.95