My name is Thomas Sandberg and I am the founder of Long Living Pets Research Projects, a 30-year study into longevity and cancer prevention in dogs and cats. 

I'm following over 5000 dogs and 1000 cats from around the world being fed a diet of raw meats and bones. I will be documenting the results to the end of their lives.

I created this store to help people find good quality nutritional products that I have tested. I also created this to support my research programs that I self-fund and from donations by pet lovers around the world. Thank you all. 


UPDATE 2018 I added other products for pets and their pack leaders. 80% of the profits will go to funding my planned Rehab and Rescue Center. 


Thomas Sandberg
Founder of Long Living Pets Research Projects (2000-2030)
Founder of Long Living Pets Research Foundation a nonprofit organization raising funds for research into longevity and cancer in pets using an all natural approach. 

If you like to make a donation please go to: https://llprf.org/donate/


Long Living Pets Research Projects dba. Cito Navigia LLC
PO Box 477
Oakley, UT 84036

Ph: 435.200.4602