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Long Living Pets Rescue and Rehab Center


After founding Long Living Pets Research Projects in 2000 I have documented thousands of cases from dogs with cancer and other chronic diseases.  I've seen many promising trends when it comes to prevention and healing. 

My goal is to share these with other pet owners interested in providing a healthy life for their pets. 

At this time I share this at Long Living Pets Research Academy. This is a private membership organization that anyone can join for a low membership fee ($5/month). This is a safe place where members can share strategies to keep our pets healthy. The membership fee goes to Long Living Pets Research Foundation a nonprofit organization that is raising funds for Long Living Pets Rescue and Rehab Center. (LLPRRC) 



The plan for the center 

LLPRRC will be a rescue and treatment center for animals with cancer and other chronic diseases. We will adopt these animals from shelters that would otherwise be forced to euthanize them. The cost of treatment and difficulties in replacing these animals gives them no other option. That's what I want to change.

Heartbreaking reality.

I will adopt these poor animals and give them a dignified and loving end of life experience. It is so upsetting and sad to me that because they are ill and face enormous medical bills we can't do anything for them. This breaks my heart and I want to help. 

There is a much better option.

From my experience over that last 20 some years, I'm confident I can provide relief and in many of these cases add time to their life. The center will use natural non-toxic protocols based on the data and research from the Long Living Pets Research Projects and other holistic veterinarians I work with. 

For almost 10 years, I have visualized opening this center and now the time is right to take action. I will set it up in a way that I can share everything I do with the animal lovers all over the world so anyone can duplicate our protocols and modalities. 

Each case will have its own webpage with a daily update when it comes to the food we feed and supplements given and any holistic therapy applied. I hope to do a 24/7 live feed of the entire center. My goal is to train and educate animal lovers all over the world so they can do the same. My protocols can in most cases be replicated. I will also provide assistance to anyone that needs help.  

A dream I had.

I had a dream about a center where kids with cancer came to stay and help take care of dogs with cancer. It was so vivid that I could see the excitement and joy on the kids’ faces. They no longer focused on their cancer; their passion for these animals was so genuine that I could see the animals taking in the energy from these loving children. Two things happened here. Because the kids were happy and not worried, their immune system got an incredible boost. And when the dogs felt the kids’ love and affection, their immune system improved as well! I sat up in bed with this overwhelming feeling of having found my second purpose in life. My first is saving pets, and the second is getting kids with cancer involved and help them on their journey to recovery.

The apparent synergy here is the most beautiful discovery I have ever made. Imagine the power of this connection — kids and dogs fighting the same disease together! I know I have to do this. That is my second project, and it is incredibly close to my heart.

I’m on a mission to raise funds for this center. I founded Long Living Pets Research Foundation. Inc. ((501)(c)(3)) to help accomplish these goals. I hope you feel my passion and will help me get these projects funded.  

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[Photo credit: St. Louis Children’s Hospital patient Hannah and her therapy dog Lily]


Why this online store?

I created this online store to help raise funds for this center. 80% of the profits go to fund the center. The products are reasonably priced.  I hope you take advantage of the many products I offer and help this cause. 


A word about the supplements

The supplements are all verified by me. I have done my very best to makes sure they are safe for our pets. I have personally talked with the owners of the companies that offer these products. I have tested them all on my pets. I also have a group of testers that are a part of my raw feeding study. 

When you get your supplements from me, you will have my lifetime support when it comes to your pet's health. I do not charge for this support.  

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