DGP + NK-9

$ 63.90 $ 66.90

When I put my 17 year old Dachshund on DGP and NK-9 I saw a dramatic difference with a few weeks. She was at a point when she had real difficulty getting around. I was concerned she her best days had passed. She struggled getting up the two stairs at my front door. Her balance was off she could not stand for more than a few minutes.

Now a month later she jumps the stairs ans sprints into the house with speed she had years ago. I’m completely amazed by this transformation. DGP has a lot of great testimonials from the manufacturers website and other places online. I have always been extremely cautious about those, but seeing this with my own eyes I now tend to think they are true.

Check out the video below. One month after staring with DGP + NK-9.